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Church Operations

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Council Meetings

The Shepherd of the Lakes church council meets on the second Monday of every month. The minutes that are recorded during these meetings are available

for all who would like to view them.

If you would like to receive a copy of the latest meeting minutes,

please contact the Council Secretary

Roz Beitzel

Council President
Roz Beitzel

Roz has done a little bit of everything since becoming a member of Shepherd of the Lakes. Currently, she enjoys attending and creating the PowerPoint slides for the Saturday night service.

Roz is a life long lover of cheese and secretly would like to be considered a ‘Cheesehead’ without

moving to Wisconsin.

Roz enjoys retail therapy, dipping her toes in a pool and the occasional roller coaster ride.

Kurt Disch

Council Vice President

Kurt Disch

Kurt is the guy that does almost everything

around the church. Some days you will catch him on the roof changing furnace filters, or in the building changing light bulbs or even cleaning the carpet.


He also runs and maintains our sound system.


And in his spare time hes is out running sound for bands all over Lake County.

Amy Nielsen

Council Secretary
Amy Nielsen

Amy and her Family have been members of SOTL since 2011. She previously helped teach Sunday School for 5 years, and is the newest member of the Council.


Amy and her husband Marc enjoy spending time with their children Brenden (15), and Morgan (13), mostly on the baseball and softball fields throughout Lake County.


When not watching or playing softball herself,

Amy enjoys cooking, gardening, and

vacationing with her Family.

Scorr Prentice

Council Member
Scott Prentice

Scott has been a member at Shepherd of the Lakes

since 2016 and were introduced to SOTL by their

daughter Anna.


Scott and his wife Julie are originally from New Zealand. They moved to Grayslake in 1993 and 2 of their 4 children live with them. Their older kids and 3 grandchildren live in New Zealand.


Scott is heavily involved with Boy Scouts, loves the outdoors, sailing, scuba and hiking. Scott has lived and worked in 5 countries and for the last 28 years has been travelling the world for his work.


Council Member
Jason Harbek

Jason has been a Grayslake resident for 15 years and a member of Shepherd of the Lakes for 3 years.


His professional vocation is aviation. 


He enjoys playing guitar, jogging and spending time with his wife, Janet, and there  son, Aidan.

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