Reverend Ellen Arthur



Dear Members and Friends,


     After 30 years of active service to the Church as an ordained Minister of Word and Sacrament, the time has come to retire.

     The years have gone quickly except for those that dragged on and on (which is true for any job).   I will continue to live in Antioch and “be around.”  In keeping with guidelines, however, I will NOT be available to return to SOTL for weddings, baptisms, etc.  The one exception I might consider is to be available for a funeral on a case-by-case basis UNTIL your newly-called pastor is in place. 

When that happens, the answer is NO.

     Thank you for your help, support, patience and kindness over these last 5 years. I hope that together we have moved on and are all ready for new things, exciting adventures, and difficult challenges with God’s help and strength. 

     Some of you are sad to see me go; others are relieved (not another North Dakota story!!)  Let it be so.


     The one thing I hope and pray is that we will all remember this is Jesus’ Church of which we are stewards, care-takers, managers; but NEVER owners. 


     When one pastor, one Council member, one group becomes more important than God’s will through the words and actions of Jesus, we are in trouble. 


     The Church is changing and will continue to do so.  We don’t know what it will look like and will likely not live long enough to find out; ‘cause then it will change again.  TO GOD BE THE GLORY!


                 May the peace and joy of God be upon us now and always.



Pastor Ellen

 My Story


Chicago (Logan Square) is my neighborhood and First Lutheran Church of Logan Square

is my home church.


I was confirmed there in 1964 and much later served on the Council as the Church

Secretary and Janitor. Funerals for my parents and baptisms for our

children were all held here. 

I have a BA degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and an MD iv degree from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago. I’ve served on the Board of Directors for

Prince of Peace Lutheran School, the Division for Church in Society of the ELCA,

Open Arms Mission in Antioch, South Loop Campus Ministry in Chicago,

Metro Chicago Synod Council and Antioch Area Healthcare Access Alliance.

I was ordained into the Ministry of the Word and Sacrament of the ELCA on June 10, 1990 and have served parishes in Eastern North Dakota and Metro Chicago Synods since then.


In any spare time I might have, I enjoy reading, being outdoors and caring for any and all stray animals. Charles and I have been married for almost 42 years (January 1976).

We are the parents of 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren.

To God be the glory.


My Personal Interests

I believe we all have a call to serve. I encourage you to look into these and other opportunities to work with Lutheran organizations.

Please click the link below to view the ELCA Advocacy blog and join with me and those who are called to serve those who are suffering and afflicted and hopeless.

Visit their page: ELCA Advocacy Homepage

Diakonia is a two-year process of spiritual formation and theological education for baptized members of the ELCA or anyone wishing in good faith to study these teachings.

Visit their page: Diakonia

If you would like to contact me directly, please e-mail me at